About us

There is a proliferation of expensive and exotic childrens parties, but we think parties at home can be amazing!  We started Gatha because we wanted to create an affordable and environmentally friendly step by step party package that’s a little bit different and full of fun, that kids will want and that makes parents’ lives a little bit easier. Whilst the boxes are affordable and simple to use, they’re not cheap and cheerful; quite the opposite. Gatha boxes are well made, beautifully presented and inviting.  

You don’t need to spend a fortune to throw a memorable party for your child


anna hunter

Anna’s background is in events and marketing. She knows what makes an event successful and has plenty of hands on experience. Anna loves being the host of a party and has great vision for making events fun.

She’s mum to Kitty and Wilf.


verity whitmore

Verity’s experience is in project management and business operations . She’s a planner by nature and loves organising parties and weddings for family and friends. Verity wrote her first murder mystery party age 18.

She’s mum to Elliot, Sebastian & Emmanuel