All Gatha boxes contain a set of party invites and envelopes, a set of age appropriate party games and instructions for you to host a party at home, a suggested menu, a set of paper cups, ice cream pots, ice cream spoons and napkins plus 2 sets of burger/greaseproof paper plus a set of stickers to decorate the ice cream pots, a fun table game, candles, a set of cake boxes and a take home gift for each child. Plus you’ll receive a set of thank you photo cards. So the only think you’ll need to buy is the party food.


The delivery cost is included within the price of the box so the total price including delivery is £98.

how many children can i invite ?

Each party box caters for 10 children. So that’s nine plus the birthday child.

Are the box contents eco -friendly?

Yes, we’ve worked hard to ensure that all our items are recycled, recyclable, compostable or reusable. You can find the details about each product here

How will I know how to run the party when I RECEIVE THE BOX ?

There are a set of easy to use instructions in every box that walk you through the contents of each box and gives you all the information you need to run your party.

how do i get the thank you photo cards ?

Take a photo of the party guests when they arrive and once the party is over you can upload the photo to here via a secure link and we’ll create the photo thank you cards and post them back to you at no extra cost.

are there any additional costs ?

Each party box costs £98 and that includes everything you need to run your party from start to finish. The only thing you will need to buy in addition to the Gatha box is the party food and cake, however we do provide a suggested party menu.

If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered we’d love to help. You can email us your questions here