Hosting a party at home has never been so simple

We’ve thought of everything you need for a memorable party so you save time and money

  • Interesting activities to keep your party guests entertained from start to finish

  • Carefully sourced environmentally friendly products

  • A step by step guide for every party

  • Delivered to your door when you need it


Invites and thank you cards

Each Gatha box contains a set of party invitations with a couple of spares- just in case - so that’s one less thing you have to worry about, and when the party’s over you can upload a photo of the party guests to our website and we’ll turn it into thank you photos that we’ll post back to you. Oh, and there’s one extra thank you photo for the birthday child to keep as a memento.


We’ve replaced plates with ingeniously versatile eco-greaseproof wrap so you can do burgers or pizza, subs or texmex, the choices are endless, we’ve put our favourites on a menu card that’s included in the box. As well as biodegradable cups and straws there’s ice cream pots and wooden spoons (who doesn’t love an ice cream spoon!) that come with a host of stickers to let the party guests personalise their pots. We’ve provided a handful of simple but special drink ideas too. You will also find a set of multi coloured candles in your box.



There are thoughtfully designed activities in each box including all the the bits and pieces you need to run the party. Just select a box in the shop There’s a simple step by step guide in each box to help make hosting as stress free as possible and to keep the party on track.


Table games

Each Gatha box contains a table game to keep the party guests entertained during the meal. You can reuse these at any mealtime to make it a bit special.


The environment

We’ve taken great care to source recycled, recyclable, reusable and biodegradable products and vastly reduce the use of plastic because we want to leave our planet in good nick for our children. For more details on our products click here.


The Party Bag

We’ve had enough of plastic party bags with contents that last about 5 minutes so we’ve pared back the party take home to one or two items that we think children will use long after the party is over. The recyclable cake slice boxes ensure the guests can have their cake and eat it (without it getting squashed in a napkin on the way home).


the profit

Many children never get to experience the joy of a birthday party and we’d like to make a contribution towards making those children’s lives a little bit easier which is why we’re donating 5% of our profits to charities that help children. Every six months we’ll choose a new charity based on suggestions from our customers. Click here to find out which charity we are currently supporting.