Team games for ages 9-12 (up to 10 children)

Team games for ages 9-12 (up to 10 children)


This box includes a set of invitations, fun team games for a 2 hour 45 min party, tableware (recyclable cups, straws, burger wraps*, ice cream pots, wooden spoons, party menu), a table game to play during the party meal, recyclable cake boxes plus candles, temporary tattoos for the winning team, a take home gift for each child and a set of personalised photo thank you cards that will be posted out to you after the party.

*much more fun and versatile than plates!

The price includes shipping costs.

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Teal games and activities

Eye-eye captain

Get the chocolate coins from you eye into your mouth as fast as possible without touching it!

Tall or fall

In teams make a spaghetti and marshmallow tower. Tallest tower wins !

Mystery hand

Teams take turns to feel the hands of the opposing team through a box whilst blindfolded. The team who guesses the most hands correctly wins.

Wrap me up!

Each team picks a famous name from the bag of names provided and has to dress one of their team members up as the person/character they picked. It’s against the clock and all they get is a brown paper, tissue paper and coloured tape.

How low can you go ?

Test each team’s flexibility as they reach for a cardboard box with their mouth. Each round the box gets smaller and they have to stretch further to pick it up. Who can still pick it up when it’s only a sliver of cardboard left?

Code breaker

Teams are each given a different Morse Code message that they have to decipher using the Morse Code key provided. How will they work together to figure out the message first?

Would you rather ?

A fun table game that always gets party guests talking. This can used to be used during the party meal.