Scavenger hunt box for ages 9-12 (up to 10 children )

Scavenger hunt box for ages 9-12 (up to 10 children )


This box includes a set of invitations, a scavenger hunt and drawstring bags for each child to take on the scavenger hunt. These also double up as the take home gift, tableware (recyclable cups, straws, burger wraps*, ice cream pots, wooden spoons, party menu), a table game to play during the party meal, recyclable cake boxes, candles, temporary tattoos for the winning team and a set of personalised photo thank you cards that will be posted out to you after the party.

*much more fun and versatile than plates!

The price includes shipping costs.

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Magenta activities

The children will be divided into two teams and each team will be given a scavenger hunt card with a list of items they need to collect or photograph on the scavenger hunt. Some items are straightforward and others are riddles they’ll need to solve before they can collect the item. Plus each team member will be given a Gatha drawstring bag to store anything they collect or need during the scavenger hunt. This bag also doubles up as their take home gift.

Each team will need access to one digital camera or phone or ipad, or something they can take digital photos on. Depending on the age of your child and where you live you can choose to send an adult or older sibling with each team or they can complete the scavenger hunt on their own.

In addition there is a table game of Would You Rather ? to use during the party meal.