Party games for age 4-6 (up to 10 children)

Party games for age 4-6 (up to 10 children)


This box includes a set of invitations, party activities for a 2 hour party, tableware (recyclable cups, straws, burger wraps*, ice cream pots, wooden spoons, party menu), a table game to play during the party meal, recyclable cake boxes, candles, a take home gift for each child and a set of personalised photo thank you cards that will be posted out to you after the party.

*much more fun and versatile than plates!

The price includes shipping costs.

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Indigo games and activities

Style it out  : Creative

Each child gets to design their own unique t-shirt that they can take home after the party. Add pictures, patterns or the names of their friends - it’s their choice.

Mover shaker : Energetic and fun

Two children wear a box filled with marbles on their backs and they have to jiggle and wiggle to get them out. The other children have to catch the marbles.

Mind the gap : Agility

How far can you jump? Children have to jump over a gap that gets bigger the longer the game goes on. Can be played inside or outside.

Race to the base : Memory and reactions

Listen out for the horn and when you hear it you’ll need to find the right colour base depending on how many times the horn honks.

Now you see it : Memory

A bag full of intriguing miniature items that the children need to memorise. Each child gets to remove one item and let the rest of the party guests guess which one is missing.

Catch : Hand-eye coordination

Armed with cups and cotton balls the children have to throw the cotton balls to each other and catch them in the cup. Easier said than done !